Saturday, June 28, 2008

Livin' la Vida

Life is good at the Jansen household. J is now 3 months old and cute as ever. I unofficially weighed him yesterday and he was a solid 14 pounds, 8 ounces. Just 4 more pounds and he'll be double his birth weight! It's crazy how fast he is growing. He's getting so long he barely fits in his 3 month clothes anymore. I have him in a lot of 6 month stuff now.

He's really interested in his toes these days and pretty much has his tongue hanging out 24/7. I've read that babies at this age start to really discover their hands and feet, so the toe thing seems to be right on track. Not sure where the tongue thing is coming from, but it only adds to his cuteness, so it's all good. He is getting better at lifting his head up and strengthening his neck muscles. Not rolling over yet, although he's rolled off his surf mat a couple of times, so he's getting there! I definitely am in no rush for him to grow up, so I'm totally comfortable with him taking his own sweet time with these developmental milestones.

He is "talking" more and more. It's so cool to see him discover new things throughout the house. He is obsessed with light fixtures and ceiling fans. It's cheap entertainment and they don't even have to be on, so it's earth-friendly, too! He is smiling so much and opens his mouth real big like he is going to just start cracking up. Every now and then he'll give us what seems to be a giggle, but I don't think it's a conscious effort to giggle, more of an accident. But, we take what we can get over here.

I hate to jinx it, but he's been sleeping really well. He's had several 8 hour nights, a few 9 and 10 hour nights and one 11 hour night! It was incredible. There were high-fives all around. He's also been napping pretty well, so overall, we feel very lucky to have such a well-rested little boy.

Well, I could go on forever about what an amazing, humbling, enriching, enlightening and sometimes frightening experience this parenthood thing is, but I'll spare you those details as many of you are already in the know. I'll just say this...we certainly don't deserve him, but we are so incredibly grateful to have him.

Sending lots of love out to you all,
M, T & J

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Kate said...

lovin the blog... just watched your videos! that son of yours is way too cute! i'm glad you both are having so much fun with him and i'm so glad he's sleeping well!!!

love ya,
cousin kate