Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three weeks and going strong!

j is three weeks old today and just now coming down off the high of spending time with his grandma and grandpa murf, uncle michael and great aunt mrose. it was so nice to have my family in town for awhile. i'm pretty sure they were quite fond of our new little addition to the family. j was like a little hot potato between them all. it was great.

last doctor's appointment, he weighed in at a wopping 9lbs 8oz, well past his birth weight. we are thrilled he is eating so well. i'm really happy with our pediatrician. i bring her lots of questions every visit and she always makes me feel better about everything. the doc says he is looking really good. his one month appointment is next wednesday...he gets his first immunization shots. i'll probably cry more than he will.

j has definitely found his voice. while his cries are still pretty cute, he is very vocal when it comes to grunting. he makes these loud grunting sounds that crack up me and t most of the time, but every now and then they become concerning because he seems like he is in pain. i've asked the doctor about this and she said it's nothing to worry about. he is sleeping some during the night. every once in awhile he'll give us a good 2 hour stretch which is so nice! some days he is pretty alert for a good part of the morning and afternoon, but does take a few naps here and there.

i'm anxiously awaiting his first real smile. he gives fleeting fake smiles when he's doing some damage in the diaper, but i'm holding out for the real deal. his eye contact is getting better and better every day. it seriously melts my heart when he looks at me. he reacts to my voice and to t's, but doesn't necessarily follow our voices yet.

okay, i think that's it...let me know if i'm not giving you some info that you want to know!

lots of love,
m,t & j

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