Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20, 2008

And...we're in the home stretch! Waiting on pins and needles for this little guy to make his grand entrance. Last Friday was my last day of work for the next few months. Such a strange feeling after working such late nights for so long. It's so nice having this time to relax and really think about the enormity of what is about to happen.

I'm still managing to keep pretty busy...trying to fit in last minute errands and organizing stuff while T is at work. It definitely makes the every day trip to Target a little more interesting when you could turn into Niagra Falls at any given moment.

My cousin S and her two girls are here vacationing-staying in downtown Carlsbad, just minutes from our house. We had them over for dinner Monday night and I met them for lunch today. So nice to have family around!

Last night T and I went out for a nice dinner and watched a movie. Advice given many times over from friends and family who haven't been able to do that for quite some time because of their little ones. It was really nice. T gets Good Friday off from work, so we are excited to spend the day together tomorrow.

Our last doc appointment was last Wednesday and the doc said everything looked good. It was also our last ultrasound, so we got to see his chubby cheeks one more time on screen (see above). I haven't made much progress in terms of dilation or effacement...still under a centimeter. Our next doctor's appointment is tomorrow at 4:45pm, so we'll see how things have progressed. If he doesn't make his appearance on Sunday, we will likely induce on Monday, but we'll see what the doc says tomorrow.

T's sister, K, gets into town Saturday to celebrate Easter and the eventual arrival of our little guy. We're also looking forward to visits from my Mom, Dad and brother the first couple weeks in April.

It's so hard to believe this little monkey in my belly will soon be in our arms!

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks so much for all the phone calls and the love. We'll keep you posted!


P.S. I love that me and Brad Pitt are tied for who the baby will look like in our little survey to the left :).

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